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Outsourcing Compliance & Risk Management Functions

Experience has shown us that Compliance and Risk Management functions do not necessarily require the allocation of a full-time in-house person. Our approach to outsourcing these control functions is pragmatic, efficient and tailored to your business model. With the professionalism of its teams and its independence, GCG is able to take charge of your Compliance and Risk Management functions in an efficient and optimal way, or to help you in the context of audit preparation.

Sponsoring and Reporting

The application of certain regulations, such as those relating to FATCA or AEOI/CRS, imposes tax reporting obligations. Our teams assist you with these reporting processes, either through one-off support or by outsourcing the fulfilment of these the fulfilment of these obligations.

Outsourcing Process

Determine which themes and responsibilities are candidates for outsourcing, according to internal needs and capacity

Establish a contractual mission specification, according to the elements identified and individual expectations

Mandate execution with regular status reports and progress monitoring

CRS/AEOI Mapping tool

In-house visual representation of activated OECD AEOI bilateral treaties

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